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 Custom Metal Box
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What Need to Attention to Choose Stainless Steel Distribution Column Head Cabinet Processing?

Stainless steel distribution cabinet is an essential equipment in the electric power industry, their role is to…

Metal Manufacturing in China 
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What is ATM and its Process?

  ATM full form is Automated Teller Machine which is a self-service banking outlet.  The production process…

Custom Aluminium Box
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What is Plastic Deformation in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal processing plays an increasingly important role in our life. It is the process of processing…

China Sheet Metal Manufacturer 
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Shell Materials of High-Voltage Switchgear

1. Al-Zn coated plate: Al-Zn coated steel plate is composed of Al-Zn alloy structure, consisting of 55%…

sheet metal die
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Advantages of precision sheet metal processing

The scope of sheet metal processing is relatively large. All metal formed products are collectively referred to…