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Advantages of precision sheet metal processing

Precision sheet metal processing
Precision Sheet Metal Processing

The scope of sheet metal processing is relatively large. All metal formed products are collectively referred to as sheet metal parts. Sheet metal is divided into common sheet metal and precision sheet metal. Actually, they are one concept, but there are some inherent differences: this is mainly in the process. Ordinary sheet metal processing uses traditional processing equipment, such as ordinary punching machines and open angle machines, in order to realize the shape of the sheet, often for batch product processing works, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and some complex processes are difficult to realize.

The so-called “precision sheet metal processing” is the selection of materials, the design of the structure, the improvement of processing accuracy, the improvement of bearing quality and service life, the improvement of lubricating oil quality, etc., which also greatly improves the production level of the gear motor. Precision sheet metal is suitable for processing large and small batch products, and has the characteristics of short processing cycle, high precision and good uniformity. The transition from ordinary sheet metal processing to precision processing requires the following conditions: equipment replacement, technology upgrade, management improvement, etc.

Compared with traditional sheet metal processing, precision sheet metal processing has the advantages of high level and high performance. The use of building block combination design facilitates the organization of mass production and reduces costs. The diversification of types and variant designs expand the range of use of gear motors. The requirements of precision gold deposits are high and tolerances must be strictly enforced. If it can be assembled over the difference is not qualified. Its tolerance requirements are also higher than the normal value.

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