Custom Aluminum Box

How to design different sheet metal supports?

The L-bracket is usually designed for a 90 ° angle, but the manufacturer can create different angles (up to 120 °) according to the instructions. But remember, metals with poor ductility and thicker specifications are more difficult to bend and cannot accommodate extreme angles. Although L-shaped brackets are easy to form with brakes, U-shaped brackets and Z-shaped brackets need more preparation. If one flange is long enough to interfere with the clamping rod of the brake, the brake will not be able to bend a second time in the bracket. Therefore, the parallel part of the U-shaped or Z-shaped support should be as short as possible. An important feature of metal supports is the holes used for fasteners. Although wooden or plastic supports may only be drilled through at the installation point, metal supports should have special holes. Determine the size of fasteners to be used when designing the support, and adjust the diameter of the support accordingly. If nuts cannot be used, threaded (threaded) holes may be required. The welding part can be indicated in the support design, but it will incur additional costs of the manufacturer. Before adding welded components, consider whether parts can be made of a single piece of metal.

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Author: YAN YI FAN