Metal plate chassis with screws

For sheet metal processing manufacturers, a complete product is assembled by countless parts, just like the screws on the sheet metal chassis. If it is not installed well, it will have an impact on the quality of the product. The following editor recommends the precautions for screw installation during sheet metal chassis processing. Precautions for the installation of processing screws in the sheet metal chassis I. when installing screws in the sheet metal chassis, add a spring washer and a flat washer on the screw head side and a flat washer on the nut side. When installing bolts, add a flat washer on the nut side and a spring washer and a flat washer on the nut side. The orientation of the screw shall be subject to the convenience of installation and maintenance. 2、 Each screw on the sheet metal chassis should be equipped with two matching flat pads and a spring pad, and each connection point should be fastened without sliding wires. 3、 When fastening screws and nuts, the fastening tools matching the screw and nut models must be used. 4、 For the same type of components, the screws on the same hardware and mounting parts of the same type should be of the same size and model, and the installation direction of the screws should be consistent.

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Author: YAN YI FAN