custom sheet metal

Hardware cabinet

  1. Surface treatment of hardware: generally, there are painting and electroplating, which are used to prevent rust and form a protective film and anti-static on the surface. IV. special instructions for the internal design of the chassis: the high-quality chassis is less painted and electroplated. The chassis with poor cheap materials will generally be sprayed, roasted and electroplated in the box. In addition to the quality difference between brand chassis and cabinets, it is a design problem. In the past, the chassis was designed with screws, which required a large number of screws and screwdrivers during installation. The installation and disassembly were extremely troublesome and time-consuming. Now the chassis is designed with hasps or hand screws, which facilitates the disassembly and assembly, and greatly improves the installation speed. There are no screws on the outside of the chassis, and the interior is also improved. The plug-in design is adopted, and plastic clips are used to fix the internal components. The famous brand chassis is generally designed with manual screws, which can be quickly disassembled without using a screwdriver, saving a lot of hard work of often installing and disassembling hardware.
  2. The appearance design of the chassis cabinet serves as a server. In addition to the common black and white colors, excellent chassis will integrate various appearance features into the panel design, with a generous and appropriate shape, stable and lively. The color matching is reasonable, giving people the feeling of being both eye-catching and practical.

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Author: YAN YI FAN