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Sheet metal supplier
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China Sheet Metal Manufacturer – JIATONG XJ

Dongguan Jiatong(Xunjia) Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd Was Established in March 2011 and located in Humen Town, Guangdong…

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Deformation of raw materials of sheet metal chassis

The deformation of raw materials mainly comes from the incorrect stacking of steel during rolling, transportation and…

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Structural features of sheet metal machine room

1.The structure is simple and convenient for cutting; Of course, it is simplified on the basis of…

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Welding type when connecting sheet metal parts

For single-sided V-shaped groove, single fracture flame can be used to cut the groove; On the contrary,…

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Sheet metal surface drawing

Objective this standard specifies the surface zoning, surface quality requirements after polishing, degradation acceptance requirements and inspection…

custom sheet metal cabinet
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Welding process

The defects must be completely removed before welding, and the groove surface shall be flat and smooth…

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Sheet metal bracket design

The feature part model established by using this thinking has the following characteristics: (1) the integrated feature…

custom sheet metal
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Hardware cabinet

Surface treatment of hardware: generally, there are painting and electroplating, which are used to prevent rust and…

Custom Aluminum Box
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How to design different sheet metal supports?

The L-bracket is usually designed for a 90 ° angle, but the manufacturer can create different angles…

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Metal plate chassis with screws

For sheet metal processing manufacturers, a complete product is assembled by countless parts, just like the screws…