What is the most Efficient Radiator Material?

custom sheet metal part
Custom Sheet Metal Part

There are two forms of radiators: one with an aluminum shell and the other with a steel shell. Because the aluminum alloy material itself has very good thermal conductivity, light weight and other characteristics, so many use aluminum alloy as one of the materials of radiators. However, with the increase in use time and temperature changes, its surface will gradually oxidize and turn black; at the same time, aluminum alloy is easily deformed during processing, resulting in such shortcomings as not being easily fixed during installation or not achieving the desired sealing effect, so most sheet metal manufacturers are now using stainless steel sheets to make heat sinks.

Appearance quality: the external dimensions should meet the requirements of the product drawings and technical documents, and the exposed part should not have rust, burrs and other defects affecting the use; the weld seam should be free of porosity, slag cracks and unfused phenomena; the lining should be firmly bonded with the metal substrate without loosening; the compression rivet screws should not be loose after fastening; the welding parts should have no obvious traces of false welding and scorching.

Internal structure: the parts are tightly connected to each other with appropriate gaps, no oil leakage and water seepage, etc.; gaskets and rubber rings are correctly assembled and tightened bolts should be flexible and reliable, good contact.

Anti-corrosion treatment: the parts to be protected against corrosion after degreasing decontamination phosphate passivation and coating edge paint four processes of treatment.

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