Custom Sheet Metal Boxes

Why to Paint the Surface after Sheet Metal Processing?

There are generally four steps in the painting sheet metal process, first dealing with the grass-roots level, then doing a layer of primer, and then adding an intermediate layer of paint, which is to do the top layer.

custom sheet metal
custom sheet metal

Base layer treatment: The base layer of sheet metal processing products need to do the rust removal treatment first.

Primer: Sheet metal processing uses epoxy zinc-rich primer, the purpose of this layer of primer is mainly to protect the steel structure and steel products, rust prevention. Its coating film has good physical and chemical properties, easy to construct, and good matching performance.

Intermediate paint: sheet metal processing products used for epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint, and epoxy zinc-rich primer supporting the use of long-lasting anti-corrosion coating transition layer, its role is to enhance the closure of the composite coating and corrosion resistance, can also be used as anti-corrosion and rust primer. The coating film is strong, with good adhesion and sealing, and good matching with the front and back coating.

As mentioned above, we can see that painting the surface of sheet metal after processing is of great significance to sheet metal processing, and painting the surface has a protective effect on sheet metal. Whether the sheet metal chassis and cabinets, equipment shells are exposed to the air, they will not be oxidized under the protection of the paint layer, so they will not rust and have the effect of waterproof and rust prevention.

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