Sheet Metal Enclosure

What are the Surface Treatment Methods of Sheet Metal Shells?

 Sheet Metal Enclosure
Sheet Metal Enclosure

The most common types of surface treatment for sheet metal shells are: brushing, sandblasting, painting, baking, powder coating, polishing, electroplating, anodizing, and silk-screening.

Since the material surface of certain sheet metal enclosures does not have the ability to prevent rust and corrosion, effective surface treatment is necessary. Surface treatment of sheet metal parts can improve the life cycle of the product in harsh environments, in order to achieve a specific surface effect or function.

Brushing is a back and forth mechanical relative movement and chemical corrosion of the metal surface of the sheet metal shell through abrasive materials to make the surface light of the workpiece to get a layer of macroscopic fingerprint surface with uniform coarse and fine distribution, the main role is to beautify the appearance. Generally are stainless steel, aluminum, copper plate and other metal plates, consider using the surface treatment of brushed. In addition brushing is also called rubbing grain, which can be divided into manual brushing and mechanical brushing. According to the effect of the grain after brushing of sheet metal shells, there are straight brushing, messy brushing, corrugation, rotary brushing, etc.

Polishing is the finishing process of the workpiece surface by using flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media.

Electroplating is to attach a layer of other metals to the surface of the material through chemical reaction, which is used to increase the anti-corrosion performance of the metal and can achieve a certain beautifying appearance, and is a commonly used surface treatment, such as: electroplating zinc, electroplating nickel, etc. The main plating colorful zinc, blue and white zinc, black zinc, chromium plating.

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