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Cold bending process

In addition to the vigorous development of the automobile industry, the cold bending process is also widely…

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What is a bent piece

With the continuous development of metal processing industry, there are various metal processing technologies nowadays. As one…

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Difficulty in metal cutting thick plates: difficulty in maintaining quasi steady state combustion process

In the actual cutting process of metal laser cutting machine, the plate thickness that can be cut…

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Three process finish

The bottom color paint of three processes shall be sprayed completely to ensure that the color is…

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Pentium laser

In addition to 20kW lightning laser cutting machine and laser pipe cutting machine with groove, Pentium laser…

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Common welding process of sheet metal

Oxygen arc welding, resistance spot welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding and manual arc welding are often…

sheet metal product design
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Laser forming technology

The laser forming technology in the sheet metal workshop includes laser shock forming technology and laser bending…

accuracy of sheet metal machining
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904L stainless steel

904L stainless steel is a super austenitic stainless steel invented by Outokumpu company in Finland. Its nickel…

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Advantages of hot stamping technology for ultra high strength steel

The hot stamping technology of ultra-high strength steel has the following advantages: Reduce the cost, reduce the…

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Types of welding cracks and preventive measures

Welding cracks can be classified according to their location, size, cause and mechanism. According to the conditions…