Cold bending process

In addition to the vigorous development of the automobile industry, the cold bending process is also widely used in aerospace, home appliances, rail transit, escalators, electric power, lighting, building materials, logistics and warehousing, especially in developed industrial countries. It has obvious advantages in processing precision, material strength, production efficiency and processing cost, and has replaced a large number of bending and traditional stamping processes.


Rolling is a material-saving, energy-saving and efficient forming process. A group of rolling dies are used for progressive deformation to produce key structural parts such as high-strength steel rolling parts, door frame strips, door stiffeners, bumpers, door beams, frame rails, roof bow frames, car bodies, window lifters, B-pillars and chassis of seats. Stretch bending forming uses a stretch bending die with a fixed radius to produce aluminum bumpers, body structural parts, luggage racks, aluminum bus body structural parts, etc., which complement rolling forming and have their own advantages.

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Author: YAN YI FAN