Three process finish

The bottom color paint of three processes shall be sprayed completely to ensure that the color is completely covered. The next layer shall be sprayed after the intermediate primer is applied. The brighter the color, the more difficult it is to cover the intermediate primer. Therefore, it is necessary to use the gray intermediate primer indicated in the topcoat formula, or spray a layer of gray primer before spraying the color layer. Otherwise, the color of the intermediate primer can be transmitted through the color layer, and the final color of the topcoat will be incorrect.

When silver powder paint or pearl paint is used as the bottom color of the three process topcoat, after covering the intermediate coat primer, spray spraying layer shall be added like the two process silver powder paint and pearl paint to make the arrangement of silver powder and pearl particles similar to the original paint, so as to avoid the sinking of silver powder and pearl particles and the arrangement is not flat enough, resulting in finer particles, smaller density and brighter color than the original paint.

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Author: YAN YI FAN