How to waterproof the waterproof sheet metal chassis

Sheet metal chassis is a comprehensive cold working process for sheet metal. In fact, most small sheet metal chassis can be waterproof, but need to be treated. It is common to handle the sheet metal chassis.

  1. prevent dripping water from invading vertically dripping water drops (such as condensate) without causing harmful effects.
  2. prevent the sprayed water from invading and rainproof, or prevent the sprayed water from entering and causing damage in the direction with an included angle of less than 60 degrees from the vertical.
  3. dripping water can still be prevented when the inclination is 15 degrees. Dripping water will not cause harmful effects when the inclination is from vertical to 15 degrees.
  4. prevent splashed water from entering the tools and causing damage.
  5. prevent the injected water from entering and damaging the water from the nozzle in all directions.
  6. it shall be installed on the deck to prevent the invasion of big waves and damage caused by the invasion of big waves.

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Author: YAN YI FAN