Grade of server cabinet

Although the cabinets look almost the same, they can be divided into several types according to their different uses. The rare ones are the cabinets used for cabling and the cabinets used for placing servers. The cabinets used for cabling are generally used for placing multiple terminal switches. Therefore, there will be many network cables to be connected out. It is not convenient to get a door for the cabinets, so the cabinets look more like racks, Some cabinet manufacturers call this product wiring rack; In addition, the cabinet used to place servers must have doors and locks. Because the valuable equipment inside must be protected, the noble routers and firewalls are generally placed in this cabinet.

Take the server cabinet for example, there are also grades: This is an ordinary server cabinet. There are four cooling fans for the server cabinet, which are installed on the top of the cabinet and are mainly used for ventilation and heat dissipation to provide a good constant temperature environment for the inside of the cabinet. The bottom of the cabinet is hollow for ventilation and heat dissipation. The cooling effect of servers on the top of this cabinet is very good, but the cooling effect of servers in the middle and lower part is not ideal.

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Author: YAN YI FAN