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How to Assemble the Completed Sheet Metal Shells?

 Custom Aluminum Box
Custom Aluminum Box

In the process of sheet metal shell processing, after spraying, assembly is generally required. Although this is a simple assembly process, there are many sheet metal shell processing parts that are damaged because of problems in this process, which leads to the quality of the sheet metal shell processing parts not meeting the product standards. So do you know how to assemble the finished sheet metal shells? The following is a brief introduction for you:
Assembly process of sheet metal shell processing:

1、Before assembling the sheet metal shell processing parts, you must first read the assembly process and the packing list and other information carefully.

2、Accessories, semi-finished products, outsourced parts and other materials are collected according to the regulations, and then counted in the inventory for special management to avoid waste and loss.

3、During the assembly process of sheet metal shell processing parts, semi-finished products and tools are not allowed to be placed in high places, so that they can avoid accidentally sliding down and hurting people or products.

4、In the process of sheet metal shell processing assembly, the operation should be carried out in a reasonable manner according to the process sequence, and attention should be paid to the left and right, and the cooperation of the operator is also very important.

5. During the process of sheet metal shell processing and assembly, it is strictly forbidden to place the semi-finished products in places with safety hazards, and they should be placed in places where there is no danger of movement, in order to avoid smashing the personnel by slipping.

To sum up, this is the assembly process of sheet metal shell processing. In the process of sheet metal shell processing and assembly, the process should be reasonable, and special attention should be paid to the order of assembly, and then the operation should be observed around to pay attention to the safety of the people around to avoid personal injury.

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