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custom sheet metal cabinet
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Introduction to automatic stamping production line

The full-automatic stamping production line is a large-scale automatic stamping production line that integrates various technologies. There…

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Benefits of laser cutting in the production of sheet metal chassis

1.Ultra low cost, the power consumption of laser per hour is only 0.5~1.5 degrees; It can blow…

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Fully automated sheet metal production line

The importance of fully automated machinery manufacturing industry is reflected in the production of products related to…

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Heat dissipation hole of sheet metal shell

For the round hole processing in sheet metal processing, the common processing methods mainly include: Laser cutting…

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Customized sheet metal parts

Sheet metal is a comprehensive cold working process for sheet metal (usually less than 6mm), including shearing,…

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Server sheet metal cabinet

For the server cabinet, there are also grades: This is an ordinary server cabinet, with glass doors….

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Self-service baggage check-in service terminal housing

The appearance of this self-service baggage check-in service terminal makes tourists who need to board no longer…

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Sheet metal stamping box

Sheet metal usually deforms some sheet metal by stamping through technology or die to form the desired…

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Charging pile sheet metal support

In related technologies, a sheet metal support for a charging pile includes a sheet metal bottom plate…

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Self-service terminal equipment sheet metal shell

Self-service terminal equipment is generally composed of man-machine interface, which is operated by users according to equipment…