Charging pile sheet metal support

In related technologies, a sheet metal support for a charging pile includes a sheet metal bottom plate and legs, the sheet metal bottom plate is provided with a through hole for the charging gun to pass through, the legs are arranged on the sheet metal bottom plate, and the sheet metal bottom plate is provided with a first through hole for the bolts for the installation of external plastic parts, so that the sheet metal bottom plate is not easy to be exposed in the air. The side of the outrigger away from the sheet metal bottom plate is provided with a folded edge, and the folded edge is provided with a second through hole for the bolt of the outrigger installed on other equipment to pass through. When installing the plastic part, place the nut on the side of the metal plate near the outrigger, and then fix the plastic part with the nut after passing the bolt through the first through hole from the other end.

In view of the above related technologies, the inventor believes that the fixation of the plastic parts requires the staff to hold the nut continuously and apply a certain holding force to make the nut and the bolt rotate relatively. Due to the existence of legs on the support affecting the staff’s holding angle, the holding of the nut is inconvenient, and the staff is hard to hold, so there is still room for improvement.

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Author: YAN YI FAN