Precision sheet metal processing

Press riveting link

The press riveting link of sheet metal parts refers to the deformation of sheet metal materials through the action of pressure, so as to couple them together. This process is usually applied to screw press riveting, bolt press riveting and other links. As for the end press riveting operation link, the nut is usually circular and has an embossed gear and wire notch. Therefore, for the press riveting link of sheet metal parts, not only the quality of the original nut manufacturing link is optimized, but also the welding work is avoided.

If you want to gain a better design scheme, first of all, you can select different specifications of molds according to the height of different pressed bolts in the actual press riveting link, and adjust the pressure release of the press riveting device to ensure the pressing quality of nuts and avoid the problem of waste parts at the same time. Secondly, the appropriate sheet metal size can be selected in the setting of press riveting structure, so as to ensure the results of press riveting and avoid the falling out of the pressing link of sheet metal parts.

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Author: YAN YI FAN