sheet metal bending

How to determine the bending sequence of sheet metal bending?

General bending sequence

  1. Short side first and then long side: Generally speaking, when there are bends on all four sides, the short side first and then the long side is conducive to the processing of workpieces and the assembly of bending molds.
  2. First the periphery and then the middle: under normal circumstances, it is generally bent from the periphery of the workpiece to the center of the workpiece.
  3. Part first and then whole: if there are some structures inside or outside the workpiece that are different from other bending structures, generally bend these structures first and then bend other parts.
  4. Considering the interference, reasonably arrange the bending sequence: the bending sequence is not invariable, and the processing sequence should be adjusted appropriately according to the shape of the bending or the obstacles on the workpiece.

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In addition, what should we pay attention to when sheet metal parts are bent many times?

  1. Whether the cutter of the bending machine meets the requirements of R on the drawing shall be considered.

2. whether the cutting tool or fixture of the bending machine blocks the position of the next bending.

  1. Whether the last bending has just rubbed or collided with the bending tool and fixture after this bending.
  2. Whether the last one to be bent rubs and collides with the bending tool and fixture.

5.whether the dimension of the last bend can be used as the positioning benchmark of the next bend.

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Author: YAN YI FAN