Deformation of raw materials of sheet metal chassis

The deformation of raw materials mainly comes from the incorrect stacking of steel during rolling, transportation and so on. When rolling steel, if there are problems such as uneven heating of plates, roll bending, inconsistent roll clearance, etc., the compression of plates in the width direction will be uneven. The more extended part is restrained by the less extended part to produce compressive stress, while the less extended part produces tensile stress. Therefore, the more extended part may lose stability under the action of compressive stress, resulting in leek shape.

Industrial steel plates, especially thin plates, are prone to local concave convex deformation, wrinkle deformation or relatively gentle large wave deformation; Larger Gongning steel is prone to lateral wave crossing bending and sometimes distortion Larger channel steel is prone to bending deformation; Small angle steel field produces distortion, etc. After hot rolling, the steel will also deform where there is moisture or water in the cooling process.

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Author: YAN YI FAN