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Self-service terminal equipment sheet metal shell

Self-service terminal equipment is generally composed of man-machine interface, which is operated by users according to equipment…

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Problems to be considered in structural design of sheet metal processing

The following issues shall be considered in the design of sheet metal processing structure: 1、 It is…

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Technical specification for sheet metal chassis processing

The use of sheet metal chassis processing technology to make a sheet metal chassis shell has many…

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Methods to prevent corrosion of sheet metal shell:

The processed products at the bottom of the sheet metal shell can remove the rust. In precision…

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Grade of server cabinet

Although the cabinets look almost the same, they can be divided into several types according to their…

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How to waterproof the waterproof sheet metal chassis

Sheet metal chassis is a comprehensive cold working process for sheet metal. In fact, most small sheet…

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Water cooled sheet metal enclosure

Metal plate chassis is very common, and the metal plate water-cooled chassis is unfamiliar to many people….

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Cold bending process

In addition to the vigorous development of the automobile industry, the cold bending process is also widely…

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What is a bent piece

With the continuous development of metal processing industry, there are various metal processing technologies nowadays. As one…

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Difficulty in metal cutting thick plates: difficulty in maintaining quasi steady state combustion process

In the actual cutting process of metal laser cutting machine, the plate thickness that can be cut…