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Sheet Metal Processing Technology – Deburring Technology

Custom Made Aluminum Boxes
Custom Made Aluminum Boxes

In sheet metal forming processing, advanced sheet metal processing technology and equipment such as laser cutting and CNC stamping are constantly breaking through and innovating, and the technology and equipment for edge and burr processing, slag and section oxide removal after these processes are also developing and progressing, let’s learn more about them.

1.The types of sheet metal burrs are different according to their profiles, structural shapes and processing methods.

(1) Cold cutting burr, is the workpiece under the action of cutting force to produce grain shear slip, plastic deformation, so that the material being processed by extrusion, tearing, resulting in the surface of the part or the intersection of the plastic deformation burr produced by fracture stretching. Plastic deformation area is not deep into the cutting surface, the surface of the workpiece generally does not produce burrs. If the workpiece after CNC punching and shearing, it will leave a sharp edge or trace burr on one side.

(2) Thermal cutting refers to carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, copper, aluminum and other metal materials after laser cutting, the workpiece cutting surface leaving a sharp cutting edge and a trace of but very easy to cause human scratch burr. If the laser head is not well adjusted, there are sharp and not easily removable burrs and slag as well as oxide attached to the edge area. The use of laser cutting down carbon steel also leaves a thin and thick oxide skin around the kerf, and the resulting quality impact on the next coating process.

(3) Plasma and flame cutting will also leave a large number of sharp burrs or slag and thick oxides on the surface of the workpiece, these burrs, edges or oxides can cause human injury and affect the next processing process, resulting in serious product quality problems. Therefore, laser, plasma and flame cutting workpieces require slag removal, burr removal and rounding. This requires professional processing equipment to complete.

2、Deburring method for sheet metal processing

In traditional sheet metal processing, after the workpiece is dropped, the corners, burrs and joints are subjected to necessary grinding treatment. At the tool joints, flat files are used to trim, for workpieces with larger burrs, grinding machines are used to trim, and small bore joints are trimmed with corresponding small files. Manual operation has large errors and appearance cannot be guaranteed, and manual processing cannot meet the requirements of shaped recesses or products with high quality requirements.

In order to be able to improve the industrial economy, Jiatong Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. adopts advanced automation technology as the core control system of the equipment, which automatically and flexibly controls all the processing actions of the equipment, and integrates the equipment into the production line to realize automatic assembly line processing of the equipment, which reduces the on-site operators and not only improves the processing efficiency, but also saves the production cost.

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Author: YAN YI FAN