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Basic knowledge of spot welding

Spot welding is usually divided into two categories: double-sided spot welding and single-sided spot welding. During double-sided spot welding, the electrode feeds the welding place from both sides of the workpiece. The typical double-sided spot welding is the most commonly used method. At this time, there are electrode indentation on both sides of the workpiece. The conductive plate with large welding area is used as the lower electrode, which can eliminate or reduce the indentation of the workpiece below.

It is often used for spot welding of decorative panels. For the double-sided spot welding of two or more spot welds at the same time, a transformer is used to connect each electrode in parallel. At this time, the impedance of all current paths must be basically equal, and the surface state, material thickness and electrode pressure of each welding part must be the same, so as to ensure that the current passing through each welding point is basically the same. The double-sided multi-point spot welding of multiple transformers is adopted.

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Author: YAN YI FAN